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Quilting Ideas That Will Interest You

Quilting is really addictive and the array of materials is endless. There are such a lot of projects to form – beginning off on small projects like cushions, tablecloths, pillowcases to the bigger projects like throws, bed quilts and wall hangings. But select something that most nearly fits your talent level.

The easy block patterns are very fast and fun. The 9 patch block pattern can be the foundation for your imagination. When you stitch the nine blocks in a pattern you can make tiny blocks and from these blocks make plenty of different quilt patterns.

You do not have to use just squares either, you use half square triangles and quarter square triangles also. As this is a straightforward block to make, you may have this finished over a weekend. What easier way to spend your weekend than to make something to enjoy forever.

There are so many block patterns to make a choice from. Try these patterns: bears paw, double T, card trick, the windmill, Yankee puzzle, maple leaf, log cabin, Ohio star there are too many to write down here. But there’s so much info within easy reach books, magazines, web sites, craft stores, you have to start looking.

A good quilting idea is to decide what sort of time you can spend on a project. If you do not have a large amount of time select something straightforward, but if you do have plenty of time on your hands then make something more detailed and be imaginative. Regardless of what you decide to do have fun!

Machine quilting is kind of easy to learn the skill of. But be prepared as the day can go by when you’re engrossed in a project. When quilting it is fine to use different kinds on the same block or quilt.

You also do not have to follow the seam lines and you can give your quilt a new element by stitching diagonally across the block. It is generally better to have the design on the overall quilt instead of single blocks.

Hand quilting is a calming way to spend the day. You want short and pointy needles, start at size eight which is the biggest and then the littlest which is twelve and it’s critical to have uniformity.

Employing a ring is a brilliant idea when quilting as the layers are held tight which will help you in keeping your stitches uniform. Some quilting ideas on projects to make are:

Clothing quilts – these quilts are made out of pieces of material from garments that you perhaps had when you used to be a kid and other pieces that have many memories for you.

T-shirt quilts – are made out of t-shirts with pictures or sayings on them, cut them out and put them in a quilt.
Message quilts – this is where you stitch messages onto blocks and then stitch them together. This is a great family project.
Sports team quilts – Cut emblems, team colours, and other sports themes and stitch them into a quilt.

There are several places to get quilting ideas – photos, landscapes, exhibitions, craft shops, books and mags. Just let your imagination run wild and you’ll be shocked at what superb projects you can create.

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