general Vivian | 30 Apr 2011 04:00 am

Retirement Plan – Is Yours Going to Allow You to Retire Or Will You Need to Work Until Your Death?

If you are one of the many who will have an inadequate retirement nest egg to fully retire you may want to consider starting your own home based business before you plan on retiring. It occurred to me when I saw an eighty one year old man packing groceries and pushing shopping carts out to cars for store patrons. I couldn’t resist asking him why he wants to work at his age and especially outside in all of the heat of summer and cold of winter, and he told me that he had to or he would lose his home.

He had retired from a major corporation as an engineer who had worked for the company for thirty-five years. His pension was adequate to support him in his retirement until the company was bought out and the pension plan was severely reduced. So at seventy-two he had to go back to work. At least he had a few good years in retirement before he had to return to work, now he figures that he will have to work for the rest of his days.

You have to do, what you have to do to survive, and we all need money so why not build yourself an alternate source of income that you can control. With home businesses gaining in popularity due to their nominal cost to start people are starting their own home businesses every day to build themselves an alternate stream if income. Once die-hard skeptics of anything other than working for a corporation people are becoming skeptical of corporations and warming up to home businesses and network marketing. Many network marketing companies are full of people in their fifties and sixties building themselves an alternate stream of income to help take care of themselves and their families into their old age. Usually you don’t find that many young people involved in network marketing because they still believe that the corporation will take care of them and they can change the system to bring that about. In a few years the younger people will be looking at home business opportunities too, just not yet.

If you are nearing retirement and need to boost your income you really need to consider a network marketing opportunity. Do your research and find one that you like, and have products that you can use. Then look for a sponsor to help get you started in your new business. Your sponsor is the person that will familiarize you with the company and its policies and to help train you on how to do the business yourself. Just keep an open mind you never know what kinds of opportunities will really help you unless you investigate them.

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