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Reunion Party on New Year’s Eve – Some Ideas

The New Year’s Eve is a rather strange occasion. On one hand, there are memories of the year that has gone by. On the other hand, there are new anticipations, new hopes and new enthusiasm for the year that is approaching. This occasion can be used perfectly for a Reunion party among friends and relatives. Some good ideas for arranging a great reunion bash are given below.

To begin with, the venue should have a festive mood as far as the d閏or is concerned. Colourful streamers with “Happy New Year” written on them could be hung all over the place. Banners and balloons conveying the same mood would add more life to the d閏or. Coloured ribbons hung on the walls can liven up the mood to a great deal. Used New Year greeting cards can come in handy. These can be hung on doorways and windows to further enhance the mood of the occasion. Small colourful bows can be added to the d閏or for a cost-effective, quick solution for enhancing the appeal of the d閏or.

Flowers are graceful, relatively inexpensive and offer a cheerful addition to any festive d閏or and this is no exception. A large bunch of assorted flowers placed on a centerpiece can add a touch of warmth and cheerfulness to the entire mood. The fragrance of the flowers is an added bonus. The centerpieces, however, cannot be very large or these will obstruct the view of the guests or even reduce the space to move around.

Candles are perfect accessories to the festive d閏or for all occasions. Battery operated candles, floating candles or the magnificent scented candles all make priceless additions to the decoration. The candles should be lit just as soon as the party starts, so that these can last throughout the celebrations. Another brownie point can be earned by installing a timer controlled lighting system at the venue.

Music is a must for a party like this. A built in karaoke facility is great for ensuring that invitees can get involved in the celebrations by singing along.

Baskets full of bread, sweet rolls or delicious desserts should be placed at various places. Guests can help themselves to food from these baskets as the party goes on, thus eliminating the need to attend to every guest individually. The main course should be placed in a buffet, so that guests can help themselves. The menu should incorporate both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items, in order to cater to the tastes of every guest. Ice is a must-have item, because throughout the party, a large quantity of ice will be consumed with drinks.

A party like this is for a lot of people to enjoy. Invitations should be sent out beforehand, so that guests can schedule their time accordingly. This kind of party is a great way to kick start a fabulous New Year.

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