Holidays Vivian | 01 Jun 2011 06:39 pm

Santas Workshop – Diary of an Elf – Day 16

Hello Everyone!

What a great time we had last night ~ roasting marshmellows in the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate and singing some songs. Even practiced singing several Christmas carols. Then Mrs. Claus started playing the piano and we started dancing to some of the lively tunes. None of us knew how to dance, but we had a great time trying. Santa took some video pictures of us. Then Santa was showing us some simple dances and Mrs. Claus took some pictures of him! They are funny ~ Santa dancing!!

One of the reindeer was sick this morning and Santa had the doctor come to the house. I guess it wasn’t too serious, as he was back to normal this evening. The doctor gave him some pills to take, but he refused to take them. So the elves and Santa had to hold Blitzen’s (the reindeer) mouth open, so Mrs. Claus could give him the medicine. I’m glad he only has to take the pills for three days!

Got a lot more toys done today. We ran out of paint, need some more nails and screws and sandpaper. Hopefully the supplies will arrive before the end of the week. Now we’ve started working on snowboards, skateboards, skis and ski poles and snow shoes. Mrs. Claus didn’t work in the toy shop today ~ she said she wanted to clean her house and get ready for our Halloween party this weekend.

Well, boys and girls ~BE GOOD ~ Santa is watching you

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