Parties Vivian | 21 Jun 2011 01:52 am

Seasonal Catering

When planning an event, it is a great idea to consider the foods that are in season at that particular time. In San Francisco, caterers know that the freshest produce is the produce that is in season. They taste better and make for a much better entré–‘, appetizer or even dessert. Also, the expense of shipping out of season produce can be astronomical, this is seen with trying to get fresh blueberries in the fall or winter.

There are certain items that are available year round and taste great all year, such as carrots, celery, potatoes, onions, garlic and shallots. San Francisco catering companies know how to plan a meal around season produce to get the best tasting presentations possible.

For example, artichokes, asparagus and avocados are great in the spring, but summer is better for corn, basil, eggplant, tomatoes and most fruits. A good chef knows his produce and when it is best served. For a winter event, a meal that includes chestnuts, squashes and sweet potatoes is sure to be delightful. A great fall wedding would do well with a meal plan that included a salad with fresh cranberries, radishes, and onions, a side dish with the main course that includes acorn squash and broccoli rabe and for dessert a dish that includes apples, pears and papaya.

While frozen versions of produce do exist, and with today’s flash freezing methods, the food retains its quality and nutrients, there is still nothing better than fresh produce. It is also more cost effective to buy produce that is in season, versus those that are not.

When using stations, Napa caterers like to create themes with different foods that are in season. As we all know, we associate certain foods with certain holidays and events during the year. Who doesn’t love hot chocolate and apple pie on a cold fall day or a hearty beef stew on a snowy winter day? In the summer, watermelon marks the season with burgers and fresh corn on the cob and when peaches come into season, at the end of spring, there is nothing more juicy and tasty.

When planning an event, work with a caterer who will plan the menu around season produce. It not onl will taste better, but unknowingly, diners will relate to the seasonal food in a positive way, and your event will be remembered for the good feelings and joy they felt during that time.

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