general Vivian | 25 Feb 2011 08:39 am

Senior Community Options – A Whole New Breed

In the previous few decades a whole new breed of community has shown up in the United States-the senior community. While some types of senior communities, such as nursing homes, have been around previously, the newer types are different. These newer senior communities try very hard to accommodate the needs of seniors, yet still giving them an exciting and comfortable environment that they look forward to every day. Looking for “people time” seniors move to the groups to meet new people, and for the facilities and services that are offered, also. Fun and excitement, within an arm’s reach-that’s what senior communities are.

With a lot of communities founded throughout the state, Florida is the place to be in the retirement community world-the capital, if you want to think of it that way. With gorgeous scenery and wildlife, Florida’s warm climate is nice and comfy during the winter, something that seniors appreciate. Home to some of the most lavish panoramas in the nation, the Florida Panhandle region has retirement neighborhoods situated throughout the area. In addition, the Panhandle has some historic neighborhoods, too. An example of this would be one founded by the Spanish, centuries ago-St. Augustine.

Newer retirement neighborhoods are constructed and operated by companies that are very cut-throat, and competitive, but still want to give their own clients the best possible experience. Due to the fact that the retirement neighborhoods are so close together, they all off a wide range of facilities and services so as to bring more clients in. One thing that is fairly standard for all of the communities: championship eighteen hole golf courses. Extravagant fitness workout areas can also be found in many retirement neighborhoods.

Mediterranean style homes are often the choice for Floridian homes, with stress on comfort and beauty. Isn’t that what retirement is all about, after all? Being relaxed? More basic establishments to the best-equipped, retirement neighborhoods in Florida’s prices vary widely, going up all the way into the multi-million dollar range. Senior apartments, and modular home units are also possible options that are more affordable. These units, though still modest, still offer nice facilities and services, and allow seniors to financially plan accordingly.

After putting their homes up for sale, many seniors take the profits, and very wisely use that capital as an long-term source of income, or investment. Choosing to move into an apartment, living off the returns from that investment provides them with a comfortable means of living. Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) can offer medical support and a self-sufficient lifestyle for those seniors that want both. While being able to give the medical support that is needed, a CCRC also has the facilities and services for that type of life that the senior wants, too.

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