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Settling Your Newborn Baby, For a Better Night’s Sleep!

Newborn Settling Tips-?Here are some quick and easy baby settling techniques and tipsthat can makea big difference to settling your baby, I’ve tried them all with success.

1.??Early risers

If baby wakes up early all the time and won’t go back to sleep, adjust his/her sleep pattern by putting them to bed later at night or try cutting out a bit of their sleep during the day.

Thicker curtains or blinds may cut out some sunlight in the morning, so your baby doesn’t wake up as early. Alternatively you might position. Babies crib in a darker corner of the room, avoiding the direct morning sunlight.

2. Settling on the side

If your baby is really finding it hard to go to sleep try this one. This settling method is easy to do but requires a bit of patience. When the baby is in the cot or bassinet, turn the baby on their side, facing away from you so they have fewer distractions. (Mum and dad get comfortable yourself as it may take some time) Support the babies shoulder for security (this hand just stays still), put the other hand on their bottom, and gently pat in a rhythm.

When the baby stops crying and their breathing slows, slow down the patting on the bottom. Gently remove your hand from the shoulder. Keep patting their bottom and slowly decrease the rhythm and firmness. When they go to sleep stop patting and gently roll them onto their back and sneak out of the room.

3. Tick tock it’s time for a clock

The sound of a ticking clock can be comforting. A clock placed close to or in their bed has been used for many years, always think safety first when putting any item in the cot.

4. Don’t make eye contact

When trying to settle bubs, try not to make eye contact as this may make them more alert and they will want to communicate with you. It is also hard to look them in the eye and not want to cuddle and play with them when it is time to go to sleep, especially if they are giving you big smiles.

5.?I love my mommy and daddy’s

The smell and/or warmth of your clothing such as an old shirt tucked in the cot beside them may help. The smell of your scent/perfume/deodorant on your clothing can give comfort enough to settle your baby.

By just doing something minor like the tips listed above you can have your baby settled in no time.

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