Gardening Vivian | 06 Mar 2011 10:52 am

Shoestring Gardening

For those who are fully in to gardening, they know that it can be an expensive hobby. There is the cost of the tools, seeds, poles, and any other accessories necessary to make the garden fully functional. For those that are on a budget, complying with all these necessities can seem a bit overwhelming. You do not need everything, though, and by picking only the most vital tools, you can save yourself a good amount of money.

If you have a good patch of land, you really do not need much to run a simple garden. You need either a shovel or a hoe to create some workable land, as you can’t very well put a seed in to untended ground and expect any good results. For a simple garden, you only need to make a small square of pure soil. From there on, you can put the seeds directly in to the ground and just watch it grow. You may need to water them occasionally, but other than that, everything should come out smoothly. The garden will not look as nice or appear as professional as if more tools had been used, but if your goals are medium-level, this route should do well for you.

This is also a good thing to do for beginning gardeners. If you are not sure whether this field is right for you or not, then you can try your hand at it without spending a lot of money. Having a trial run at something is an ideal way to get a feel for it, and after a little time, you will know for sure whether you want to continue or not.

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