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Shopping Cart Baby Protection – Keeping Baby Safe

Do you use a shopping cart cover when you take your little one to the store with you? You should. Supermarket cart baby protection is a serious matter and I’m going to explain why.

Just this morning I stopped at the supermarket to pick up some milk and eggs, and while I was there I saw an adorable little girl shopping with her mom. The girl was only about a year old so she was sitting in the shopping cart while her mother stood nearby comparing prices.

What bothered me was that the girl was trying to chew on the handle bar of the shopping cart. Does your little one ever try to do that?

Just think about the thousands of hands that have touched that shopping cart your precious baby is chewing on. How many of those people had colds or viruses? How many didn’t wash their hands after using the restroom? How many cut their hands and dripped blood onto the handle? And when was the last time the supermarket scrubbed their shopping carts clean? The answer is never.

Do you really want your baby touching that germ-covered cart and putting her hands in her mouth. That’s just disgusting. Who knows what kind of dirt and germs your baby could be exposed to? The thought is enough to turn your stomach.

All you need to keep your baby safe at the supermarket is an inexpensive shopping cart cover. They come in different colors and styles but they all work the same way. Just keep the cover in your car and use it every time you go to the store. It fits snugly over any cart and protects your baby from harmful germs.

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