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Signs and Symptoms of Labor

It will be the most exciting months for the mother and the father as the baby is coming to see the world. During this phase, as a mother you will experience some symptoms before delivery. The symptoms will not be the same for each woman. However it is good for you as an expecting mom to know what are the signs and symptoms of labor.

The common sign is contraction, which is regular with constant interval 5 to 10 minutes apart. It becomes stronger in intensity and lasts for a longer period if you are going to labor. However, there is also contraction with less pain and should eventually decline in intensity. It is called “Braxton-Hicks” contraction which is also known as a false alarm of labor.

During pregnancy you feel back pain and sore, it will happen until you are giving birth. Your lower back will be particularly achy and should also increase in intensity. Back pain that you feel might be the same like when you are having your period and you feel particularly campy and premenstrual.

Water breaking is the most common symptom but unfortunately many women do not have it. As a result the doctor will help you to break your water in order to speed the labor. If you feel a huge gush of liquid or perhaps tiny trickle it is time to call your doctor due to labor.

Bloody show will be one of the common sign. It is the release of slight brown, pink or blood-tinged mucus from effacement and dilation of the cervix, causing the mucus plug to be released from the cervix. As bloody show can occur anywhere from hours to several weeks before delivery you need to be alert with this sign.

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