Parenting Vivian | 08 Oct 2010 10:26 am

Social Networking Under Parental Guidance

I have heard a lot of stories about how important it is for kids also to network now. I agree that everyone has to live in the society including our kids. They also need to interact with others and make new friends. It can be a learning experience. But I would like everyone to also see the downside to it, thus keep an open eye to what their kids are doing in the name of social networking.

Some kids when exposed to other miscreants can fall in bad company and under their influence may indulge in activities before their time. They may resort to porn, fall in the traps of child abuse or become rebellious. So what I suggest is parents know of their kids activities while they are networking.

It is always best that parents know of the friends their kids have, especially in the case of younger ones of the age of 5-6 years. At this tender an age, one cannot distinguish between good and bad and you are prone to all sorts of rubbish. So if parents educate their children properly and guide them about the wrongs and rights of social networking then this can be a learning experience.

Parents should also keep a track of the websites a child is using for social networking. It should be restricted to sites exclusively for kids and not those for adults. The child is sure to lose his way in the adult world. Parental guidance is a must for all under 10 age group kids when they try their hand at social networking [].

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