Parties Vivian | 30 Jan 2011 11:26 am

Space Birthday Party Ideas

There are currently astronauts and cosmonauts living in space together on the International Space Station.燬huttle and rocket launches are awesome things to watch.燬pace and space travel are very fascinating to us all, especially children.燝ive them a Space Birthday Party with these fun ideas to celebrate their big day.

You can create your own space party invitations.燛nlist your child to help.燭hey will love making them and being involved in the planning of their party.燙ut card stock into the shape of rocket ships.燚ecorate with a different colored cone on the top and fins at the bottom.燯se a colored marker to draw USA down the front.燱rite the party details on the back of the invitation.燬tart off with “Come spacewalk for Eric’s 7th Birthday Party.”?/p>

A Space Birthday would not be the same without rockets.燞ave some model rocket kits for the party guests to build.燜ind a nice clear spot near your party location, such as a field, to safely blast off from.燭here are also rocket balloon launchers available for a fun alternative.燗nother fun activity would be to show your guests how astronauts make repairs in space.燬imulate their motions by having them wear a pair of bulky gloves and try to put a screw into a board or assemble some tinker toys.?/p>

Serve your guests space inspired foods.燙ut sandwiches into star shapes with a star shaped cookie cutter.燞ave a package of freeze dried astronaut ice cream for each guest to enjoy.燤ake a space themed birthday cake using little rocket figures and create a colorful planet with colored icing.牋This Space Birthday Party will be out of this world!

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