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Sports Card Collections – Where Can You Sell Your Cards the Fastest?

When the time rolls around to sell one of your sports cards or perhaps even your complete collection, you have many options, but each needs a different commitment level. Depending on what kind of time you can dedicate to the sale of your cards, the selling cost of your collection will vary. If your primary reason for selling your cards is to raise some fast money, then you can most likely presume that you will get less of a payout.

If you are ready to commit some effort and time to the project, your return should be higher. First, each collector must grasp a basic principle of economics, which is the law of demand and supply. If you have commons, vintage cards, or several star players from the more asked for brands and years, then your cards are way more valuable and will generally fetch a higher cost.

Depending on how much effort you are prepared to dedicate to the sale, one of the following options will work for you. The best starting place is your local card shop. They will help you establish the value of your collection and it’s the best place to sell them. In many cases, the local card store will make you an immediate offer. This will positively be the swiftest and easiest method to sell your cards. In several cases, you can also get your best return on your investment that way.

Some store owners may know of a purchaser who might have an interest in buying your cards, and they would set up a meeting for you and hopefully you could make a deal. In a nutshell, your local sports card store staff should be in a position to counsel you on the simplest way to sell your cards.

You can place an advertisement online or in a print publication. Then you need to answer the calls and wait for folks to come to your house to check your collection. Only you can decide if this is the right selling strategy for you. Classifieds appear in local papers, trade mags and price guides.

There are web sites that let you post your cards for sale in a live auction. However, unless you own vintage cards, very rare cards, or groups of cards known as lots, many of your auctions might never receive any bids. However, if you want to try selling one or two cards, it’s worth trying one time to test the marketplace. The downfall of this system is it takes some effort to list the cards on the site and you will not sell your collection really fast.

If local card shows are being held in your area, this could be an excellent spot to sell your cards. Setting up as a dealer at these shows is comparatively inexpensive and you will have a chance to sell your cards to the various collectors who attend the show. Start with a smaller show and see how things go before leaping into a bigger show. Smaller shows charge around ten to fifty dollars a table.

However, you must decide if it’s worth it for you to pack and unpack your collection for each show, and then spend the time to sit there waiting for customers. If you are ready to wheel and deal, though, this may be a brilliant place to sell giant portions of your collection.

Another choice is to offer your cards to the dealers at the bigger countrywide shows. The dealers who sell at these huge shows are usually the biggest in the country. Many are looking at buying particular items and if you have what they are attempting to find, this could be a good spot to sell your cards. Bear in mind the competition at these shows is fierce and plenty of these dealers are selling at costs that are 50 percent or less of price guide. If they are selling at 50 percent, then they will be purchasing at lower levels. Again, it is a place where you can sell your cards.

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