Gardening Vivian | 26 Jan 2011 08:39 pm

Stump Grinders – Use Stump Grinders Safely!

Stump grinder is a useful equipment for finishing the work of tree removal. It is basically a petrol-powered tool that is used for grinding tree stumps, which are usually left over after cutting down the trees. These stump grinders may easily grind stumps to 330 mm (approximately) below ground level.

Stumps can be easily removed with the correct use of stump grinders. The person who is going to use these machines should be well aware to its use. Nowadays stump grinders are available in different sizes such as large stump grinders and small stump grinders. Large stump grinders are generally used by the professionals for stump removal whereas small and cheap stump grinders are available for the some smaller functions.

Users should use stump grinders with the cutting wheel on the end completely opposite the operator. They should be physically fit and properly trained for a safe use. Don抰 forget to keep all bystanders far away from the grinder. Always keep in mind that its cutting wheel is dangerous as well as it can throw the objects a long ways.

Whenever you want to change the direction of machine you should shut off the engine. Also check the operator抯 position when the engine is running. Homeowners normally use small stump grinders but they should also be aware of all its limitations and uses. These are quite expensive so it is best to rent a stump grinder.

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