Parenting Vivian | 03 May 2011 02:13 am

Suicidal Signs in Teenagers

Suicide, the killing of one’s self, is a topic that needs to be discuss in a straightforward and simple manner.

I do not know how parents and guardians would react if their teenage son or daughter goes to them and say, “I’ve been thinking of killing myself.”

If our teenagers did this, we would not hesitate to get them the help they’ll need to turn away from this painful path. However, since they do not usually come to us in this manner, they are nonetheless crying out to us for some help.

They may be crying out to us through some or all of these signs. They are unkempt physical appearances, high-risk activities, and excessive talk about death and or suicide and giving away of precious or treasured items.

Unkempt Physical Appearances

Many of us are usually familiar with the way that our loved ones dresses and overall how they take care of their physical appearances. Therefore, if lately they have not been keeping in tune with their usual upkeep, please do not ignore it.

High-Risk Activities

Maybe your teenager usually participate in extreme sports, but if they are now involved in reckless sporting activities, or any form of reckless activities, this may also be a cry for help.

Excessive Talk about Death and or Suicide

Since death and suicide is a real part of life, do not be too surprise to find your teenager talking about them. However, if lately this is the only topic of conversation that he/she is involved in, there may be more to it than just wanting to know the basics, so to speak.

Giving Away of Precious or Treasured items

It is very common for a teenager who is planning to commit suicide to give away his/her treasured items. Teenagers usually trade, exchange and even give away some of their possessions on a regular basic, but if you find that they are just giving away their things, there may be more to it than just sharing.

More Signs

At this point, I must point out that if you see only one of these signs in your teenager, it does not necessary mean that they are suicidal. You will need to look for a combination of these signs along with several others. So please do not jump to conclusions, just have an honest talk with him or her.

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