Parenting Vivian | 01 Feb 2011 06:26 am

Supporting Kids – The Mom Or Dad Way

Beware that this may be too much of a stereotype, but there are two main different approaches in supporting (your) kids; I would call them the Dad Way and the Mom Way. Both apply most of all to sports, but perhaps they have a broader role, perhaps this applies too in the office, in the activity of supporting employees.

The big difference is that in one way money is involved in the other there is not. One way requires a significant amount of work and the other is much easier.

Picture a soccer environment or any other sports environment; basketball, handball, etc but as it is about supporting Kids, it is focused on a team sport.

The Dad Way is supporting kids along the line. As the game starts or just before the game, dads encourage their kids by giving them simple instructions. After the game they talk about it, and evaluate how have you done, what was good and what may need some more attention… This support resembles that of the normal supporter where the players are encouraged directly.

The Moms are often more quiet, but I may be wrong here. But there is another way of supporting kids, in this is more often serviced by the Moms. In this Mom Way, a few parents take the initiative to organize a simple party; to eat a burger, have a drink with all the kids of the team so that they know each other better. This is an indirect form of support. There is no mentioning of the game, the results, how anyone scored, but just to have some fun.

The second approach has nothing to do with the sport itself, but may be as important as the first approach or may even be more effective. as money is involved I would say that it is a more credible way of offering support.

In business this last way is the first to drop from the list of activities when the revenues and the performance is declining, like now with the economic crisis…


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