Parties Vivian | 01 Mar 2011 04:00 am

Surprise Party Planning Steps to Success

When it comes to the memorable things in life, there are plenty of things that people can recall. Perhaps when good memories are the issue, parties often times are at the top of the list. When it comes to parties, few will be as memorable as a surprise party, and if it is done correctly not only will you remember it, it can be a very pleasant memory for many years to come. That is why surprise party planning is so important, not just for how fun and entertaining a party can be, but for the memories it will create, and in most cases, memories that are held for a lifetime. By following a few simple steps this is not only possible, but it is also much easier than you could ever imagine.

The first thing you want to do is to make a plan. Make sure you do not leave out any details. A detailed plan will include the date of the party as well as the location. In addition, it is important to establish a theme to the party if you so desire. Next on the list will be decorations, food, beverages, and entertainment. The last thing you will need to address is the guest list for your surprise party. It is worth noting that with surprise party planning, making plans can be a very long process and chances are you will probably revisit your planning list a few times to add things you have forgotten. For this reason you should make your plans well in advance to give yourself time to amend the list should you realize that something has been left off.

The next step is to create a decoy plan. This is a very important step to surprise party planning, after all what good is planning a surprise party if there is no element of surprise. First you will need someone to carry out the decoy and above all else, the decoy plan should happen in a way that does not raise any suspicion what so ever. While this may seem difficult, with a little planning almost anyone can be fooled and subsequently surprised. It is also good to try as best as possible to time things right. You do not want your guest waiting around for the guest of honor too long but similarly, you do not want the guest of honor to arrive before most of the party goers do. While this could involve as much planning as the party itself, the end results are well worth the work.

When it comes to surprise party planning, there is a lot that need to be done well ahead of the party itself, and doing it right is as much about the planning as it is about the actual work of putting on the party itself. However, with taking things in a systematic manner and getting a jump-start on planning such an event, the results will be both gratifying for you as the party planner, fun for the party goers and truly memorable for the person or persons for whom the party is for.

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