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Survive Your Sitter

Remember how curious you were when you were a teen? No one wants to admit it, but how many homes have you gone to for a party, found yourself in the bathroom, and curiosity got the better of you? Here are ten suggestions to help make your sitter experience happy and healthier.

Lead Not a Sitter Into Temptation.

1. Don’t leave credit card bills or credit cards or large amounts of cash laying around. Or in a drawer. The nice girl down the street might get bored enough to look through your mail or dive in your garbage or your dresser drawers.

2. Don’t let your sitter use your computer. Lock it up. Hide the passwords and change them often.

3. Put precious jewelry away.

4. Make your bedroom and bathroom and medicine chest off limits.

5. Lock up your liquor, your cigarettes, your guns and your bowie knife collection. Bring the key with you. Don’t leave it “hidden” at home.

6. If you don’t want the neighbors to know you subscribe to off-color magazines or have unusual habits or hobbies, don’t leave the evidence out where it can be found.

7. Nanny cams are a great idea. Tell your sitter you use them even if you don’t have one.

8. Be very clear about what your sitter can do, can eat, when and where.

9. The first or second time a sitter is sitting for you, drop in or call unexpectedly. Test to see that they are where they said they were going to be

10. Test Your Sitter. Are you sure your kids are in good hands? Here’s a quick, one-stop test for your sitter. Find out if they have mastered the basics of child care safety and accident prevention!

Karen Willson

If they miss even one question, consider sending them to a child safety class.

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