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Thanksgiving Crafts to Make That Are Kid-Friendly – Indian Corn Treats

These Indian corn treats are very kid-friendly Thanksgiving crafts to make. Your kids can easily turn a snack cake into a cute little Indian corn all by themselves. This project makes a really fun and edible centerpiece for the kids’ table on Thanksgiving.

To see photos of these Indian corn treats, see the link at the bottom of this article.

Supply List:

- Candy corn (two types: regular and harvest)
- Snack sized cake (Twinkie)
- Frosting
- Yellow streamers
- Plastic knife
- Scissors


1. The first step is to make your corn’s husk out of the streamers. This is very easy to do, just cut 3 strips of streamers. Cut each strip about 8″ long. Cut one end of each strip into a point. Now place the 3 pieces of streamers on your serving plate. Place them side by side, but fan the pointed ends out a little.

2. Take your snack sized cake and place it in the center of the streamers. Now spread an even layer of frosting over the entire cake. Any thickness is fine, but around 1/4″ would be good.

3. Next, take the two streamers on the sides of the cake and gently press them up along the sides of the cake. Now take the 3 straight-cut ends of the streamers and twist them together, making the bottom of the husk.

4. Starting down at the base of the cake where you just twisted the streamers together, begin pressing the candy corn straight down into your cake, pointed side down. Press most of each candy corn into the cake until only the end color is still showing. To make these look like Indian corn, be sure to alternate between the regular candy corn and the harvest candy corn. You only want to cover your cake with about 4 or 5 rows wide of candy corn. Continue covering your cake all the way to the other end. Some ears of Indian corn have mostly dark kernels while some have mostly lighter kernels. If you are making more than one Indian corn treat, you could make some of each.

5. After your cake is covered with candy corn, you may want to add a couple more streamer husks to your corn. Simply cut a few more streamers, still about 8″ long. To add them to your corn, simply twist the ends into the already twisted end.

That is all there is to it! We hope you find this a fun activity for your kids!

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