Parenting Vivian | 26 Jan 2011 02:26 pm

The Beauty Of Traditional Children’s Toys

Have you ever seen a child in a room full of the latest toys and found the child to be playing with old fashioned children抯 wooden toys that were a big hit when you were young? What is it about this sight that is so comforting? Is it because the child抯 wooden toy makes us feel nostalgic or is there something else at play here? In our world of plastic throw-away goods it is comforting to see lasting goods lasting. It is especially comforting to see goods which are felt to be worthy enough to be passed on from generation to generation. The latest gadget on the latest toy has not made traditional children抯 wooden toys any less desirable to children, or even to adults for that matter.

Children抯 wooden toys are toys which are made using a natural product as opposed to a product like plastic which is a product that we are trying to recycle but nevertheless remains a product which costs less to produce new than to recycle. If a child抯 wooden toy is made from a sustainable forest that抯 even better as it is actually helping out our troubled environment. This is only one of the reasons we feel better towards wood than towards plastic. There are also many emotional reasons why wooden toys feel better.

Why Wooden Toys Feel Good

Children抯 wooden toys are one of the products which have lasted centuries. The latest plastic toy has not made wooden toys become obsolete. In fact, in our world of fast technological change it is the simple design of children抯 wooden toys which continues to capture the interest of children from infants and toddlers all the way to the early teen years.


Children抯 wooden toys have always been popular. The first children抯 toys were probably made of wood. Old fashioned children抯 wooden toys are being played with today as much as the latest toy trends. Children抯 wooden toys will always be popular. Children抯 wooden toys are creative, pleasant to the touch, long lasting and can be painted in wonderful colors.

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