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The Best Baby Showers Start with the Best Baby Shower Invitations

Hosting a baby shower for a favorite female in your life is one of the best gifts that anyone can give to a mom-to-be. Bringing friends and family of the expecting parents together to celebrate the upcoming event while 搒howering?gifts upon the pregnant one, assembling fine eats and beverages for all to enjoy, and adorning the party room with decorations is a task worthy of it抯 own party- and it all begins with the best baby shower invitations.

The days of pre-packaged baby shower invitations that require the necessary information be filled-in by hand are gone, as the latest rage is having your baby shower invitations printed by a professional company. By offering unique designs, eye-catching fonts and colorful graphics (as well as the more classic styles), printing companies can create an invitation that抯 as original as your guest of honor and her upcoming new arrival!

揓ack and Jill?baby showers in which couples are invited to attend are growing in popularity, as more and more dads-in-training want to be a part of baby activities, and want their friends to be there, too. An introductory title containing the term 揓ack and Jill? or a simple tag line at the bottom (like 揅ouples Welcome!? will get your point across nicely.

Be sure to order a few extra invitations as keepsakes for the new mom, anyone involved with the planning, and yourself. This significant keepsake will make a great page in your scrapbook.

When to Order Baby Shower Invitations- A baby shower is typically held 1 to 2 months before the baby抯 due date, and the invitations should go out in the mail about three weeks before the party date to give guests enough time to make the necessary arrangements to attend. Leave yourself a week to address the envelopes and another 10 days for your order to be processed, shipped and arrive at your home. Ordering the invitations about 6 weeks before the shower date allows you plenty of time to coordinate the event.

Other Tips for Hosting the Best Baby Shower- The best baby showers are the ones in which guests leave with a smile on their face. A few games and interesting activities that can serve as insight for the soon to be mom are usually a lot of fun for everyone. Have shower guests write some helpful guidance in an 揂dvice Book? a guest book-type of souvenir for the guest of honor that will be filled with information for surviving parenthood. 揘ame that Baby Food!?is a favorite game, where all guests are blindfolded and given a sample of the tasteless, jarred food and have to guess what it is. Don抰 forget to pass out baby shower favors as a thank-you and keepsake for this festive day.

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