Pregnancy Vivian | 05 Dec 2010 06:26 pm

The Key Ingredients To Help You Get Pregnant

The two key ingredients that are required in order for you to get pregnant are sperm and ovulation. All of the above need to be healthy so that both can unite and create a healthy baby.

Ovulation of course can be a little tricky. Predicting the perfect time like perfection itself can be elusive. On a positive note sperm can exist in the fallopian tube for a few days. In order to improve your chances you need to have a good healthy stock of sperm in place which can help you overcome the timing challenge.

So let’s say three days before ovulation you will need to have sex frequently. In order to detect ovulation you will need to observe your cervical mucus. Along with this you will monitor your basal body temperature.

As you take note of your temperature you will start to chart the information. It is very important to chart your dates accurately. This will help you to determine when you should be ovulating. The window for conception is around twenty four to forty eight hours.

Then of course there is the sperm. These little swimmers need to be healthy. After ovulation reduce the frequency of sex so that you do not deplete his sperm count. While engaged in sex do not use lubricants. Lubricants in most cases kill sperm.

Both of you need to really take care of your health. Eat good fresh living foods. Exercise is also important and avoid the bad habits such as smoking. Take care of yourself and nature will take its course.

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