Gardening Vivian | 10 Jun 2011 07:39 pm

The Many Uses of Fresh Flowers

People use flowers for a variety of reasons. Flowers make beautiful decorations and add an inviting scent to a room. They also create a focal point for a drab entranceway or make an attractive centerpiece at a holiday dinner table.

Flowers also have many other uses. Some people use them for cooking while others dry them and use them for potpourri. Some may even use them to make wine!

Flowers can easily be dried for uses such as potpourri. To dry flowers, simply hang them upside down to dry so they do not lose their shape. If you do not hang them upside down, you run the risk of the petals falling off or the flowers wilting into a little ball. This is especially true of roses and carnations.

If you do not have flowers growing in your garden, you can stop by any florist and pick some up. If you want to make an arrangement yourself or dry them, you can usually get them cheaper. Florists tend to charge extra for arranging flowers.

Many larger retailers also offer Fresh Flowers near the registers. Some may also have an entire cooler section used for floral arrangements. Keep in mind that the flowers offered by the larger retailers may not be of the same quality of those offered by your florist. You will save more money but the flowers won’t be as fragrant and may not last as long.

If you want to find even more uses for flowers, do a quick search online. You may be surprised at the things people can do with them!

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