Gardening Vivian | 22 Feb 2011 05:13 am

The Overlooked Miniature Roses

Miniature roses are very easy to care for weather you plant them inside or outside. They are not as popular as one would expect since they give off little or no scent. Miniature roses give that little extra to any home or garden. They need very little care. Just give them a shower weekly and they will last a long time.

Many people presume that miniature rose are the ideal houseplant. This is a misapprehension; if you take into account that miniature rose plants can reach a height of up to four feet. Consider that before you bring the plant inside. You will need to place the roses in a room that has an adequate source of light. An alternative to consider is micro-mini roses which are simple to maintain and reach only five inches in height. If no matter what you want to grow your miniature roses indoors, here are a few tips to make it easier to care for your roses.

Put your rose in a place where there is adequate direct sun light. These plants are at their best when they are in the sunniest part of your house. If you see wide gaps between the leaves because the stems seem to stretch out, your roses are not obtaining sufficient light.
Shower your plant once a week. Spray your plants regularly with a gentle mist on the top and the underside of the leaves to remove dust and to avoid a spider-mite attack. Give your plant the right size pot to grow in. Too small a pot will not allow your roses to flourish and will make them look puny.

You will find that miniature roses blossom from spring until the beginning of winter. Covering your plant with mulch will increase the probability of its survival through the winter months. The roses may be planted in the ground or put in hanging pots or baskets. Avoid placing the roses in an area where the sunlight could be blocked by large trees or anything else that could cast a shadow.

When planting your roses in the ground. The hole should be a good foot in depth and width. Remove your rose from its pot and disentangle the loose roots. Put the roots into the hole and cover the roots with loose soil refilling the hole, making sure your miniature rose are level. Water the plant well.

Make sure the soil does not dry out. If necessary water your roses daily during the first three weeks after planting. After the three weeks, ensure that the soil always moist.

Miniature roses always look wonderful in any room or along the boundaries of your flower beds or anywhere your house requires a little explosion of color.

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