Crafts-Hobbies Vivian | 26 Feb 2011 04:00 pm

The Overstreet Comic Book For You

The Overstreet Comic Book, in the realm of the comic world, is the proverbial bible. Within its pages lies the guidelines that can make or break a collection for its lines reveal a pricing guideline for the colorful panels that make up comic books.

A comic book price listing seller such as Overstreet becomes the tool for novice and professional to judge the value of his or her hard work and dedication.

For reasons other the obvious use as a reference book, the Overstreet Comic book is sought by collectors as a historical landmark within the cartoon book universe. It is interesting to take past publications and see how little or much a particular series has changed in value and storyline.

Bloggers, collectors and novices can examine the hundreds of titles currently out in the market today as well as see what the rarest comics go for. There is a vast difference between a couple of dollars upwards of thousands for early issues.

There is plenty of information in a book on collecting comics that never gets old, even in an pricing guide. Many contain a lot more than just how much comic books tend to cost.

The Overstreet Comic Book, for instance, has a lot of historical information in it that can be valuable for collectors, and that is what makes an old cartoon book price guide an item that’s still important to have.

Before you start thinking about throwing away an old cartoon book price guide, consider what may have been going through people’s minds in the early days of comics when they threw them out like old magazines. Some people did that, you know, just tossed them or gave them away as soon as they finished reading them, because they were considered cheap pulp reading.

Books on collecting comics can be worth a lot more than the most recent information in them, just like an actual comic book is more than a story you have or have not yet read. The value is in the item itself, not just in the information it contains between the covers.

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