Parties Vivian | 28 Mar 2011 12:39 am

The Party Bag Information

P – party! Remember, party bags for children should reflect the party and therefore they should be fun, lively and full of goodies.

A – …and then it was over. A party bag should be something that is taken away from a party after it has finished and should include items that remind the owner bag of the fantastic party.

R – reason. It is always important to remember the reason behind the party bag – to remind the child of the party. A bag could feature some fantastic items, but if none of them are related to the party, then it hasn’t fulfilled its reason.

T – toys. By including toys, or something that can be played with, it will help ensure that the party bag is enjoyed and not forgotten.

Y – your responsibility. There seems to be pressure upon the party organizer in recent years to have fantastic party bags for the children to take home. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that the party bags are created as best as possible so to be a complete success. This doesn’t mean spending a large amount of money, simply some thought and careful planning.

B – be back. Chances are, especially for younger children, that the children will all be back together soon for another party and will be talking about the party and the party bags. By spending a little time and consideration on the party bag process, you can ensure that your child’s party bags are the first topic of conversation.

A – age. It is important to note how old the children at the party will be. Whilst one type of party bag may suit a seven year old, for someone who is only two years old, it could be completely unsuitable.

G – guests. The guests are the children who will be receiving the party bags and the bags must therefore not disappoint. Spend a little time researching each child’s favourite hobby or toy and add a personal touch to the party bags.

S – so long. A party bag is usually the last item a child receives at a party and it must leave a lasting impression. By planning thoroughly, you can ensure that the party bag is well received and the child can’t wait to come to the next party to receive another!

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