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The Punch of Power – Red Power Ranger Costume For Halloween

If you haven’t heard about the Power Rangers, you must have been living under a rock, or at least without a television set for at least the last sixteen or so years. Power Rangers is an American children’s television series that first aired in 1993. It features characters who morph into costume wearing superhero’s. Each power ranger wears a different color and the Red Power Ranger costume is worn by the team leader.

The American series is based on a Japanese series called Super Sentai. In fact the Americans decided instead of dubbing the Japanese shows in English, they would produce their own footage. They also used footage from the Japanese series, particularly the action sequences. The Americans found it necessary not only to use English speaking actors, but to cut in backgrounds that would appeal more to Western audiences.

As the series progressed, different color costumes were added including black, white, pink, and green but the yellow, blue and Red Power Rangers costume appears in every show in all seventeen seasons. They also appear in the Power Ranger films. (You did know there would be films, didn’t you?)

The show was originally distributed by Saban Entertainment from 1993 to 2001. It was broadcast in the United States by Fox Broadcasting. In 2001 The Walt Disney Company bought out Saban and the show has aired on various Disney owned stations since then. The show last aired in the US in February of 2009. It has been announced by Bandai that Disney is producing an 18th season.

Red Power Ranger costumes are a perennial favorite of kids, teen and adults. The most popular Red Power Ranger costume is from the first three years of the show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. With Halloween on the horizon, parents might want to start looking for those costumes before they’re sold out.

The opaque visor of the Red Power Ranger costumes makes a mask unnecessary. They are perfect for fans of all ages and make a real statement at any Halloween bash. Grownups and children alike can enjoy dressing as these fantasy superheros. In 2004, an ABC Family contest placed the first Red power ranger, Jason Lee Scott as the most popular of all time. Actor Austin St. John returned in his role as Jason Lee Scott in the 10th anniversary episode, Forever Red.

The Power Rangers are alive and well and planning an 18th season. So, get your Red Power Ranger Halloween costume and lead your team to victory.

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