Holidays Vivian | 28 Mar 2011 07:52 am

The Silver Christmas Tree – Classic, Beautiful, and Perfect For Many Homes and Offices

The Silver Christmas tree stood in the corner by the mantel, where it has for many years during the holiday season. There was no reason to go buy a new tree every year, fight with a tree stand, and then water and pick up needles every few days. The silver tree just stood there and shimmered and looked very beautiful.

After the holidays, it folded easily and was stored in the eaves. There was no dead tree to deal with disposing of. Although it didn’t have the beautiful smell of a natural tree, that was easily handled by a small live wreathe which imparted the same lovely odor to the home.

It was sparely decorated, but the impression was far from sparse as it shimmered with beauty. It had a few blue round Christmas ball ornaments and a couple of handfuls of red tinsel, and that was all, save for a rotating colored light by its side which alternately shone red, green, amber, and blue on the tree. Underneath it somewhat neatly stacked was a pile of presents for the family.

Silver trees became popular fifty years ago, and then promptly disappeared. They are once again popular and available many places. I see both more for sale and in homes and offices every year. Most are made of aluminum, perhaps all of them, and they last for years. I have one in my office that gets endless compliments from visitors. The sliver Christmas tree – it is a timeless classic.

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