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The Tractor Company You Should Choose

John Deere was created as a company making agricultural implementations. The tractorsd of John Deere are being put to work all over the world and has gained name and fame in this department. The article throws more light on John Deere Tractors

John Deere – Worldwide

The company is engaged in the manufacture of construction and agricultural equipments and power systems and spares. It was started by one many and has grown to 4700 employees worldwide. This growth happened over a 180 year period since its inception in the early nineteenth century.

The company’s tractors are famous all over the world. From a product perspective, it manufactures tractors powered from 18 HP right upto 450 Hp. This is covered in around 13 different series. Although it will be strenuous to give the information about the entire product range, we can take a look at one machine in detail. This will give us an idea about the merits and demerits and what to expect from this company. We can take a look at one tractor to do this. Let’s take a look at the tractor with the lowest capacity and look at it from a home gardener’s perspective.

We chose the model 2210 4WD which is a compact tractor. Let’s delve deeper:

To begin with, this model gives 23 HP and has a liquid cooled heart (engine). As it runs on diesel, it is economical to use for the home gardener as it is easy on the pocket. This machine also provides the option of shifting from the four wheel drive mode to the two wheel drive mode where required. It provides a facility to lock the wheels and increase the traction levels as desired. It has power points at both the front and rear for added customization.

The driver has a comfortable position on the tractor so there is less stress while shifting gears. It operates on the foot controlled pedal model and offers the driver a comfortable driving position. The vibrations of the engine are not transmitted to the driving area as the engine is carefully mounted on isolators.

It has a highly reliable engine that starts immediately without any problems. The brake system is fine and has had very few failure rates. From a safety perspective, this machine is robust and can guarantee safety as per international standards. It has been developed keeping these norms in view.

Priced at $10,000 onwards this machine provides good value for money. It also has the provision for attachments in the rear. It also provides a 30 degree angle for these attachments, especially the front end loader blade that is very frequently used with this machine.

Customer feedback on this machine has been positive with little or no reasons to complain.

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