Pregnancy Vivian | 26 Sep 2010 02:52 pm

The Wonderful Benefits of Breastfeeding

Everyone knows that breastfeeding makes your child healthier in every way possible. What most people do not know is that breastfeeding is also beneficial for mothers as well. Aside from providing your child’s body with all the right nutrients it needs while growing, breast milk also enhances the physical body of the mother while giving her milk to her child. As what you have probably read in books, breastfeeding provides your child with the most advanced health protection when it comes to the most harmful diseases in their age. From respiratory diseases to ear infections, all these can be prevented by breast milk provided by mothers to their infant. As much as possible, doctors strongly suggest that mothers start breastfeeding right after giving birth to the child. The nutrients contained in the breast milk have microorganisms that enhance the immune system of your baby so as not to contract viruses from the outside world. This can now prevent allergies for your newborn baby and shall eventually make them live a healthier and stable life.

For mothers to make sure that they are being able to provide quality breast milk for their children, the proper materials must be in place. Doctors recommend new mothers to use nursing bras so as to keep their breasts securely placed to assist in the production of milk. The nursing bra used by the mother will make sure that the sensitive parts of the breasts, such as the areola or the nipple, are protected from viral objects that may contaminate the breast milk while feeding the baby. Once the baby is supplied with the right amount of breast milk for everyday, this also strengthens the growth of their brain cells so as to make them more receptive to different activities. It has been clinically proven that breast milk supplies fatty acids that nourish your child’s brain and boosts up the power of his mind while awake. You can be assured that your child is being supplied with the healthiest forms of vitamins and minerals to make him smarter as he ages. Aside from all these benefits, it cannot be denied that an unbreakable bond will be formed between the mother and the child while in the stage of breastfeeding. This, above all, is the most important benefit provided by breastfeeding as it forms a stronger filial relationship that will make the child feel more loved and comforted.

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