Parties Vivian | 26 Aug 2010 04:13 pm

Theme Party Planning – The Preparation Manual

There are so many different types of theme parties to choose from, it may become overwhelming if you don’t know what you would like to do. Fortunately for most people, when the urge for a theme party presents itself the decision has already been made for you. Theme party planning is a lesson in patience. The more you have the better prepared you will become time for the actual party.

The number one time of year to have a theme party that includes dressing up is Halloween. Halloween in itself is not an actual theme party, because the guests will arrive in many different types of costumes. For it to be an actual theme it must be based on a specific idea or subject matter. For instance, pool parties are considered theme parties because everyone invited usually comes prepared to go swimming. Therefore by bringing bathing suits with the idea of entering the pool acts as a theme. If this year you would like to make your Halloween party a theme party have everyone invited stick to a particular form of dress based on your favorite monster movie or perhaps a cartoon. With only these two ideas the possibilities are endless. Think about it.

Theme party planning can be a challenge compared to many other types of party preparations. If your theme is not attractive to people on your guest list they may decide not to come. So when sending out your invitations, it is always a good idea to ask for confirmation a few weeks in advance. Some people may change their minds at the last minute and decide to make the trip, so by using a good party planners technique you should have enough food and beverages to cover the unexpected guests by adding 15% to the number you expect. The difficulties in planning also can be found in decorating and in the menu.

When coming up with a menu for your theme, try and have it relate to the actual layout. What I mean is if you are planning a star trek theme you may want to create recipes based on Klingon food. This could include gladst ousus bal or broiled karada legs. Hmm, sounds delicious doesn’t it? You could easily find the actual recipes by surfing online or maybe you’re from Klingon and it’s an old family recipe. The point I’m making here is the food should play a role. To create a great theme party you must take your planning a step further than you normally would and have the patience to see it through. Decorations can be purchased just about anywhere and require the same attention to detail. Deciding on a particular color for your theme works well, unless it’s a masquerade party your planning, requiring flamboyant costumes and bright colors.

To know what is the right choice of theme party for you, requires dipping into your imagination and pulling out what you know and love. If you have children and want the party to include more than just the adults pick one of their favorite cartoons for your theme. The children would have a blast and the pictures would be forever precious. But if the party is strictly adults, plan on something that perks your imagination. It makes it much easier to create something that you love than not. Plan your theme with the patience of an artist who makes the painting come alive and do the same, creating a vision from out of this world.

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