Holidays Vivian | 25 Oct 2010 11:13 am

Thoughts on Christmas Music

I was recently exposed to the theory, The Law of Attraction. The theory suggests that we draw things to us, good or bad, based on the vibrations we send out into the world. If we send out negative vibrations negative things show up in our lives. When we send out positive vibrations positive come into our lives.

One way to avoid sending out negative vibrations is by omitting three words from our vocabulary: No, Not and Don’t. Believe me; it is harder than you think. Try it for a day and see how it goes.

This morning, I set a goal to remain positive and avoid those 3 little words all day. Later when having a conversation with my husband, I asked, “Why are you playing Christmas music? I wanted to say: “Don’t you think you will be sick and tired of Christmas music by Christmas if you start listening to it now? Or, Don’t you get enough of that music while shopping? Fortunately, I caught myself before opening my mouth and re-phrased my intended statement into a question.

He replied, you know (no with a kn) I love Christmas music. It is the purest and most peaceful music I can think of.

Wow…What a beautiful and un-expected answer!

Now, I am sitting here saying to myself, “Hey this good vibration thing really works! I avoided using negative words, and got a positive response. I can’t help but wonder if I had blurted out my original intended statement with that negative twist if I would have received such a wonderful and heart felt reply.

Still absorbing what just happened, I went upstairs, turned on a Christmas song, laid on the couch, closed my eyes and opened my heart. I was extremely at peace and thought: “What a wonderful way to start my Monday morning.”

So, will I listen and “enjoy” Christmas music all month? Will I still find Christmas music peaceful on Dec. 26th? Only time will tell, but I am open to trying; and from time to time I will close my eyes, open my heart and relax to find peace from the music.

I wish you all a very peaceful holiday and encourage you to enjoy the sound Christmas.

Happy Holidays

Deann DaSilva

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