Gardening Vivian | 31 Jul 2010 10:00 am

Tips in Creating Your Dream Garden

Nice gardens come in many forms and sizes. A garden often reflects its owner’s personality and taste. It can be viewed like a piece of artwork. This article outlines some tips to get your dream garden.

The first consideration would be the size of your garden. This is crucial since changing the size of a garden is not as easy as re-arranging the plants. You can get some ideas from the articles in magazines, or by looking around. A visit to a friend’s house or the lake garden may give you some inspiration to construct your lovely garden. A house with limited space may house an herbal garden but if your land area is big, an herbal garden may seems awkward and out of place.

Next, you need to imagine what your garden would be like. This way you will have an idea to come out with a concept and design. Imagine a garden that suits your taste and the purpose of designing a dream garden. Would you use it as a playground for your kids, as a place for the whole family to rest, as a place to entertain guests or simply a playground for your pet dog?

Once you get a rough (or maybe detailed) idea of how your dream garden would be, you can now consider structures that can be included in your garden. Structures are not only limited to building; walls, trees, pergola, garden chairs and walkway are some of the other elements that form your garden. Wisely chosen structures contribute to a feeling of spacious garden and also act as direction marker in the area. A proper arrangement of these structures could also create a peaceful environment.

Another consideration to create your dream garden is lighting. You can depend on both sunlight and artificial lights. Alternatively, you can use artificial lights at night. Although you may think that this is unnecessary since you seldom sit at the garden at night, think of the attractive effects that the lights can bring during the nights.

Then the last thing to do is to choose the right combination of plants. Some people may do this first, thinking that this is the most important step towards creating a dream garden. But believe me; this will turn out to be the simplest thing to do once you have a clear idea of what your garden would be. Consider a variety of plants that could give you different colors, textures and height. You can do simple experiments in getting the most out of your garden. Proper planning and patience may bring your dream garden into reality.

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