A color birthday party theme is when a party is themed around a single color. This is a great party theme for a toddler. Even at a young age, your child probably has a favorite color. As an example, let’s say your child’s favorite color is red. Following are possibilities for hosting a red party theme:

  • Invitations. Balloons and red lettering. Mention that the kids should wear red.
  • Decorations. Paper streamers, wrapping paper, clothes for the birthday child and for the parents.
  • Activities. (1) Find the color red! This involves kids finding objects in your house that are the color red. This game can be played outside as well. (2) What’s red? This is a mental game; not visual. Ask the kids to think of items that are red, such as “lady bugs,” “apples,” and “fire trucks.” (3) How red is my finger? Spread wax paper on the floor, place finger paints on it (preferably in shades of red) and let the kids decorate it. Try this one towards the end of the party, after the kids have eaten and you can focus on cleaning it up after your guests leave.
  • Food. Serve red food. This could involve red frosting on the birthday cake, or adding food coloring to food to make it red. Or, try naturally foods, such as strawberries, red jello, fruit punch, tomatoes, etc.
  • Party favors. Use red bags and place items inside, such as yo-yo’s, pencils, face paint, play-doh, etc.

A color birthday party theme is a great way to teach a little bit about color to toddlers and provide a lot of stimulation with minimal effort.