Gardening Vivian | 28 Aug 2010 05:00 pm

Transplanting Roses – What You Should Know Before You Start Digging

Transplanting roses is the process of removing, relocating and resetting your plants to another location. There are many reasons why you would need (or want) to transplant roses, and there are steps that need to be followed before you start pulling your plants out of the ground.

Where are you planning to relocate the plant? You will want to choose the new location for your rose plants before you dig up your plants. You will then want to prepare the ground at its new location. You will also want to water the plant because this is the most important thing that you need to do prior to transplanting your roses. Watering the plant is the best way to assure that your plant survives this process. Once you pull the plant out of the ground the plant may lose part of its roots. The roots usually grow very deep and it’s difficult to get the whole root system out in tact when you dig up the plant. So it’s best that you let the plant absorb plenty of water prior to its transplant. ?/p>

When you start to pull the plant from the ground, make sure that you have as much of the root system as possible. After transplanting, if you notice any wilting whatsoever, you will also want to increase the amount of water given to the plant. The wilting would usually begin at the tips of the plant. ?/p>

It’s also a good idea to put some bone meal in the hole while transplanting because this will give your plant nutrients and minerals, like phosphorous for instance. You will want to set the plant up a bit higher in its new hole because it will most likely settle some. Make sure that the bud union is about one (1) or two (2) inches above the ground level. If you water the plants well and properly it will settle quicker. Once the plants settle, press the soil around it in order to eliminate any air pockets. Make sure that you do this with firmly yet gently and with care for the rose plant.

When is the ideal time to transplant the rose? Make sure that the soil is soft and can be easily worked. Never transplant roses during their growing season because it may cause harm to the plant. Some would say that it is best to transplant roses when it is still practically dormant.

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