Holidays Vivian | 30 Jan 2011 05:13 pm

Trees That Fit Anywhere – Tabletop Christmas Trees, Bringing Christmas Joy to Small Spaces

Not everyone has the room or budget for a large Christmas tree. They take a lot of space and seem to get more expensive every year. Many people do not have room for them, and even in rural New Hampshire a real tree will cost fifty dollars and up. I can just imagine what one costs in New York City or Los Angeles!

A Tabletop tree is a catch all phrase that means a smaller tree. It might be a 12 or 18″ bonsai that it decorated in the Christmas spirit, but more often is a pine of some type as most natural trees are. Most I’ve seen are artificial and can be reused year after year, but natural ones are common as well. With a decent artificial one, it will look so real that unless someone looks closely they will not be able to tell! They come in various styles imitating different trees like Monroe Pines and many others. The better ones will have variations in their colorings just like natural trees. Everything but the wonderful aroma and mess of falling needles.

Artificial ones that don’t remotely look natural are popular as well. They range from space age shiny aluminum trees, which originally became popular in the 1960, to red, blue, and other festive colors and styles.

We have a natural tree at home as well as a couple of tabletop ones. No way I could fit a full size one in my office, and the little one I’m enjoy here right now is awesome!

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