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Update Your Wardrobe By Sewing Some Basics With Fashion Trends

Nothing is really new! It is just recycled!
Everything old is new again!

Add just one thing when you sew your 6 basic, classic garments and you will be in style this Spring 2006.

What is this big fashion trend? It’s bows!

Bows are back in the fashion world of 2006. They are on everything, everywhere. There are flat bows and fluffy bows, wide bows and narrow bows and everything in between bows.

At the fashion shows, bows and sashes adorned every conceivable place on a garment – top, bottom, front and back.

Just when we thought we would finally get rid of our bow blouses, they are back in style.

Along with bows you will see pleats and tucks, the 60′s look, empire waists, A-line shifts and lots of ruffles and florals.

Look for ladies short sleeve shirts with small matching neckties. Remember those? And how about “safari” looks as well?

Although not very many females can wear them well, wide belts are back on the scene. Remember the ones with the big medallion in the middle? They are back!

It looks like a more romantic, feminine look is in for 2006. Ugh! That means a more defined waistline to show off hour glass figures. Whatever happened to hour glass figures? Better get going with a new diet and exercise plan fast!

Silky and chiffon fabrics are trendy especially in those ruffly and bow blouses.

They look smart with the more fitted tailored jackets and coats including the classic trench coat.

And for skirts, it is the pencil skirt. Everyone needs a good straight skirt. Get that fit right once and for all!

Black is still big, but in more textured fabrics.

Bright red and cream are a popular color combination as well as muted blues and grays like gray and dark denim.

Dig out your platform shoes and cowboy boots. Add some lace and ball fringe to a few things and you have some of the latest trends for the new year.

As for pants, it looks like slightly flared knee length cuffed shorts will be big. They are longer than Bermudas, but shorter than Capris. Be careful if this is not your best length or look.

Make your pants the length that is most flattering for your figure.

Stitch up a pair of khaki pants and a red top for yourself. And, don’t forget the bows! How about a flat bow at the neckline? That will do it!

Get your fit in the 6 basic pieces every woman needs:

1. Jacket

2. Skirt

3. Pants

4. White Blouse/Shirt

5. Basic Black Dress

6. Basic Shell

Focus on these basic, classic, sewing patterns until you are happy with the results. Sew them over and over in different fabrics and colors that look good on you.

Accessorize to suit your style and you are all set no matter what the fashion trends are.

It just makes sense!


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