Parenting Vivian | 05 Nov 2010 07:00 am

Watching Your Child Grow Up Can Start As Early As You Like

Pregnancy needn’t be such a mystery any more – though it can be fun watching mums-to-be grow bigger every day and wondering about what’s inside. That said, some of us just can’t wait a whole nine months to see the precious, perfect little product of our love, which is why there are services available that allow enthusiastic mums and dads to skip ahead of the race and have a look to see before those three quarters of a year is up.

We all know about the importance of sonograms; those strange-looking scans using ultrasound technology that allow nurses to check the physical state of the foetus while it’s in various stages of development. This sophisticated technology is an incredible step in scientific discovery and its purposes are unavoidably noble, but – let’s face it – the picture quality isn’t exactly fantastic.

Now, however, scans have taken a new form that allow prospective parents the chance to see the baby grow up in high quality, detailed images that can make the whole pregnancy and anticipation of new life experience yet more memorable. These scans, called 3D and 4D scans, allow you to see your growing child in such minute detail that you’ll be able to make out him or her yawning, sucking a thumb or scratching his or her tiny, perfectly-formed nose.

Other opportunities that arise from such ultrasound technologies include the enhancement of parental bonding and the chance for mums-to-be to consider whether their health habits are of standard for the best in baby’s welfare. These benefits – in particular pre-birth bonding between the mother and her child – make these new technologies a worthwhile consideration for those expecting.

Naturally, the latter of the above is most important, but it’s no surprise that plenty of parents-to-be want more. Parenthood is a magical experience and one that most families want to cherish right from the very beginning. 3D scanning offers parents the chance to see still images of their baby in incredible detail. Indeed, such images could be added to the baby album to impress friends with the depth of the records – and that could just be used as reminders that the big day is coming soon.

For those that really want to see their baby in action, a 4D scan is viewed in real time and shows the baby moving around in the womb, which can be a very touching experience for mums and dads watching. The detail and clarity that you can view your baby with can really make the pregnancy experience all the more intense and memorable.

For those about to welcome a newborn into the world, any opportunity to bond with the child is welcomed. Advances in baby scanning technologies now make pre-birth bonding between mother and child far easier and more magical than ever before.

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