Parenting Vivian | 01 Jan 2011 12:26 am

What to Do When Adult Adopted Children Want to Look For Birth Families

I am the Mother of two Adopted Children. I was very blessed when I was given the right to raise these two children for some other person. So when the day arrived that my daughter wanted to meet her Birth Family, let me say I was very scared. It’s not easy to let your child go hoping that they will remember who raised them and loved them. This is my story about how I coped with this very scary moment in my life.

When my daughter turned 18years of age, she had the opportunity to take her Native Indian Status. We had always told her she was part Native Indian and a member of a great tribe. We educated her about her heritage and to be proud of it. So when she turned 18 she had the opportunity to take her status, which she did. This registration of her heritage put her on her families radar. They called her soon after asking to meet her. My daughter was scared and unsure what she should do. We counselled her to take her time and not rush into in anything. I asked her birth family to give her time to adjust to this new finding and when she was ready we would give her the contact information. It took a few months for her to be ready.

It was very scary for us at this time. Unsure if she would prefer being with her birth family and not us. But we had to take the chance and let her decide for herself. So off she went to meet the family. She is still has a very close relationship with her grandparents but her father she doesn’t see. Her Birth Mother lives in an other city and she talks with on occasion.

By letting her go and not stopping her was the best thing. She came back excited to have another set of grandparents but was thankful that she had been adopted. Our faith in her was restored and we had her back with us. It was a scary time but we didn’t get upset and forbid her from meeting them. This in turn gave her the confidence to go but also brought her back home to us.

My Son, is very different from her. He has no desire to seek out his Birth Parents. He finds his life to his liking. If he should change his mind in the future I will be there for him, just like I was for his sister.

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