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What Type of Records Should You Keep In Your Daycare Center?

Records and documents are very important in any business. For the legality of your daycare you should have a license to the government, and you should have a record for your license. Rules and regulation, daily activities, time tracker, daily schedule are some of the records you should have in your daycare.

Have a license or a business permit from the government. But before getting this, you should have some permit from fire department, sanitary department and the zoning department. After accomplishing all of this then the approval for your business would be easy. Business permit will also help you to gain trust to your customers.

And when you’re about to start your daycare, you should have a record to all of the children that you will take good care. Information need to be in this record is the health status of the children. This is a very critical record and you should be considering this, so that if there would be an emergency with regards to child’s health you know what to do because of the record that you have.

Have a daily tracker on the activities of your child customer. You should have this for you to check if there are some improvements for each child. Activities like writing, coloring and reading, this may be too advance for a daycare but it will help you out in giving reports to their parents. Remember daycare is not only a place for child care but also a place where children need to learn.

Of course, you should have a record for the registration; you don’t want to take care children if there are not registered in your daycare. Included in the registration form is the address, name of the parents and birthday.

Records for the facilities and learning materials are also important. Have an inventory for all of your facilities and learning materials, this will help you know the things that you need to have for your daycare.

But above all, you should have a contract for each customer; a contract will help you discuss the rules and regulation of the daycare. Parents must agree with the contract before they leave their children to your daycare. This will protect the owner and the parents. Charges are also included in the contract and what are the services offered by the daycare.

Having these records will make you and your daycare safe and secured.

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