When planning to build your own greenhouse there are several things you should research and understand. Whether taking steps toward developing a new hobby, or starting your own business, knowing what type of greenhouse will suit your needs is essential to your success. Building the proper greenhouse is the first step.

There are two basic types of greenhouses: attached and free-standing. Attached greenhouses come in either lean-to or even-span. Both are built so they are attached as a part of your house. They are convenient because you can step out your door and into your greenhouse without ever setting foot outside. This is preferable when weather is bad. If you have an outside wall facing south or southeast, the attached greenhouse can be energy efficient, and in colder months can contribute to the heating of your home.

A free-standing greenhouse usually provides room for further expansion and is less expensive per square foot. It also allows for more flexibility in greenhouse placement. It is important to figure out which style best suits your needs before beginning the building process.

Greenhouse kits are available in many different sizes from small portable buildings that can easily be disassembled, moved, and reassembled, to large units that serve as year round houses built to withstand all types of weather. Choosing the type of pre-fabricated building you need is important and will eliminate the cost of architects and builders.

A pre-fab greenhouse kit comes with materials especially suited to the humidity of a greenhouse environment. They are all engineered to fit and work together to create an effective building to house plants, flowers, and herbs. The kit also includes all the hardware you need, with options for adding accessories as needed.

The materials used to frame your greenhouse can range from steel to wood, while the covering can be made of glass or fiberglass. There are several types of frames and coverings to choose from, and each type can serve diferent needs. It is important to know what you need before choosing a kit. By conducting the proper research, and perhaps consulting kit manufacturors, you will be on your way to building a quality greenhouse.