Pregnancy Vivian | 03 Dec 2010 12:13 am

When Can I Conceive a Boy Baby?

I get a lot of questions about picking the perfect day or the optimal time to conceive a boy.?Common questions are things like: “what’s the best day to conceive a male baby?”?”when is the best time to get pregnant with a boy baby?” or when is the optimal time of the day to conceive a son?”?I can tell you that the window for getting a爏on燾ontains far fewer days than the window for getting a daughter.?But, it’s not too hard if you understand what goes into having success, are organized and break this down into smaller steps, and arm yourself with the right tools.?I’ll discuss this more in the following article.

What You’ll Need:?First, I’m going to discuss what I believe are the necessary tools in conceiving a boy.?Today, print off a blank calendar off the Internet (3 months worth to start.)?This will cost you nothing but will help keep you organized.?Then, if you don’t have some very reliable way to know when ovulation occurs, get an ovulation predictor.?There are a few options including urine, saliva, and blood.?I like saliva because it’s non invasive and you’re not limited to just testing once per day.?But, whatever you know works for you is fine.

Next, I would suggest PH test strips.?These are going to tell you if you’re acidic or alkaline and you’ll also use these to check your progress as you adjust your diet and / or douche.?Finally, if you’re going to go with the diet to change your PH, you’ll want to get a food list that breaks down every conceivable food by PH.?A general list is a good place to start and you may get by with this if your PH testers are showing positive results, but if you’re having problems, you may need to find a more specific list.

Pinpointing The Perfect Day To Conceive A Boy:?/strong> To put it simply, you’re optimal day to get a boy baby is going to be when the day that you ovulate coincides with the day you have a low PH are or very alkaline.?Don’t worry about when this day occurs in relation to your menstrual cycle.?I have so man women who write me and say things like “the saliva predictor is showing ovulation, but I’m only?fill in the blank)燿ays from my period,” or “I think I missed ovulation because I’m 20 days past my period and nothing is showing up.”?Don’t get so caught up by when you think you should be ready.?Go by what爐he predictor is telling you.?A woman’s cycle can vary from month to month and many things beyond your control can affect this.

To get pregnant with a son, you want to wait until the exact day the egg is ready (ovulation has occurred) or one day after at the most.?Y sperm chromosomes can not remain strong and viable for爉uch longer than this.?But what happens if you’re getting a positive reading and you’re still too acidic or still have a high PH??As much as you may not want to hear this, I’d suggest that you wait until the next month.?Make a note on your calendar as to when ovulation occurred and then mark your PH too.?This way, you’ll have a general window for next month (knowing that this can change) and you can guage how much progress over a 4 week time period you’re making on your PH.

Why am I asking that you wait? Because if you’re too acidic, this will be a very negative environment for the sperm that produce a boy.?You’re better off waiting until you’re sure that the environment that those little guys are going to face is not going to weaken them or kill them off. You’ll know this by continuing to use the testers until you reach your goal.?Continue to maintain this until ovulation day for the next month.

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