Babies-Toddler Vivian | 24 Apr 2011 05:26 am

When Does Baby Teething Start?

Most parents are not aware that their babies are already born with a full set of twenty teeth just waiting to erupt from under their gum at the right time. Baby teething usually starts between four to seven months old depending on the hereditary genes that the baby got. However six months old is the most common time that the first tooth usually comes out. There are those that teeth early and there are those that teeth a little later than usual.

In general, when the baby teething starts, there is what the pediatricians call the ‘rule of four — babies’ teeth come out in groups of four. Four teeth shall start to poke out one by one or sometimes two at a time or all at the same time. These are the following: the central incisors, the teeth that are located in front, and then the side incisors, followed by the molars, both upper and lower, and then followed by the canines, located midline the mouth, and then lastly, the back molars. This is the usual pattern of teething, but there are some babies that may not follow this pattern so it is still always best to consult a pediatrician or a dentist once the baby starts teething.

Baby teething is one of the most painful yet exciting experiences that a baby goes through. The parents are equally excited and worried for the discomfort that their child is going through. Teething is a natural process of a baby’s development that should be understood by the parents early on so that they may help their child go through it without much pain.

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