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When Would Be the Best Season For Green Dollhouse Furniture? This and More

Green Furniture

Have you ever thought of using green for your dollhouse furniture? A great reason for choosing green dollhouse furniture is that it adds variety and mixture that not only stands out, but helps other pieces and designs look unique. There are more green furniture options than you might think and they come in a variety of sets, rooms, and designs.

Understanding Dollhouse Scales: Inch Scale

Dollhouse scales tell you that the you are buying the right sized furniture for your dollhouse. All items at Dollhouse City are on this 1 inch scale unless the title of the item tells you it is on a ?or ?inch scale.

Most dollhouse furniture, like most dollhouses, are built on a 1 inch scale (also known as 1:12 scale). Every inch of dollhouse furniture is equivalent to twelve inches of real furniture. For example, a 6 inch dollhouse sofa represents a 6 foot real sofa. In other scales, such as half inch and quarter inch, less than an inch represents a foot of real furniture.

Other scales include the half inch (1:24) and quarter inch (1:48) scales. There are other scales, but they are less popular and common

Dining Room

Dining rooms will help to make your dollhouse look extremely elegant-and/or extremely fun The majority of dining room sets are intended to look graceful and stylish; however, hand-painted or country-ish dining rooms give you another great option. Dining rooms are a perfect place for play, whether kids are having make-believe guests over for supper, or you are showcasing a quaint tea set


Looking for a nontraditional design for your dollhouse furniture? Choosing a wire material means that the craftsman has greater flexibility to do what normal wood could not. Wire lends itself so easily to miniature design that you will notice greater detail and miniature replication. You will see this material in most interlaced dollhouse furniture designs.


Instead of a natural wood finish, if you choose black dollhouse furniture, it will pop out more. Not only does black furniture attract the eye, but most pieces have accented hand painted designs. This is a great color for a more nontraditional or cultural design for your dollhouse.

Living Room

No matter how big or small your dollhouse is, a living room is an essential area to have. Because there are so many fabrics, material types, and styles, there is a greater variety of living room sets than almost any other dollhouse room. Be sure to look at several different options, because this room will go a long way toward showcasing the style of your dollhouse


There is a huge range of dollhouse kitchen sets available, from a few simple appliances to deluxe, everything-included kitchens. A table and chairs are important to have in your kitchen if your dollhouse will not have a dining room. Some of the most fantastic dollhouse accessories belong in the kitchen (such as cookie tins for the cabinets and a gallon of milk for the fridge), so make sure you have room to exhibit them

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