Babies-Toddler Vivian | 05 Mar 2011 08:52 am

When You Definitely Need a Bassinet

You will definitely need a crib for your growing child, as well as some type of feeding seat to make meal time less messy, and a car seat for obvious safety reasons. But some parents question if they will need to have a separate place for their infant to rest before using a crib.

Many parents are opting to have their babies sleep in a bassinet before a crib. Rather than having their little one sleep with his or her parents, adults are having their little one snooze in a cozy cradle.

But when will you need a bassinet? You will need one for your infant if:

  • your infant is birth to about 3 months of age
  • you do not want your baby to sleep with you
  • you do not want to put your baby in a crib
  • you want to provide a cocoon-like sleeping environment
  • you have limited space and want your baby in the same room as you
  • you desire the portability to move your baby from room-to-room (since most models are light enough to move around and/or have wheels)
  • your baby is under 20 pounds or under the limit noted in your model

Your cradle can prepare your infant for sleeping in his own crib since your baby will be spending most, if not all, of his sleeping hours in a bassinet alone. I believe that putting my daughter in a bassinet to sleep prepared her for snoozing alone in her crib because I never have had any major problems regarding her sleep. She always has loved having her own space to stretch out.

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