Crafts-Hobbies Vivian | 06 Feb 2011 05:00 am

Why Are Wooden Toys Classics?

Why are wooden toys classics?

It is easy to be tempted in the store to look at and buy the latest and greatest, flashiest new toy on display. But, we have all found that the classic wooden toys are the ones that stand up to the test of time both in terms of durability, stimulating and holding children’s interest, generation after generation.

I let out a chuckle when I saw the classic wooden duck on a string among my daughter’s first birthday presents. I thought, “Wow I had one of those when I was a kid”. And now, just as I did, my daughter pulls on the string and the duck follows her everywhere as she toddles around the house. The latest whirling, flashing thing is great for a few moments, but this duck is her friend.

It’s a similar story with trains. All of my son’s friends have wooden train sets. They have been played with for years and years. When they visit each other to play with all their newfangled stuff and then begin to look bored on a rainy day, its always a sure thing to ask “who wants to play trains?” Wooden train sets are never boring to either gender and for all ages.

It is easy to imagine that wooden toys are expensive because they are so durable and great for kids. But, it is fairly easy, if you look, to find a simple wooden puzzle or set of blocks at your toy store. As these toys last for a long time, you will also find them at a local garage sale for a fraction of the price – well-loved, but still in great condition. You also don’t have to buy the brand-name sets (e.g. Biro wooden trains) you can find similar items at your nearest discount store (check out Ikea).

The reason that wooden toys, including: puzzles, pull-toys, trains, dollhouses, blocks and logs for building have become classics is that they stimulate children’s imagination while standing up to the knocks of childhood play.

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