Pregnancy Vivian | 25 Aug 2010 09:13 pm

Why Breastfeeding Not Only Benefits Your Child

Breastfeeding is the ultimate gift of love that we can give our children. The act of breastfeeding is, of course, to provide nutrition to our children. Having said that, I am not going to teach you about how healthy breastfeeding is for your baby. We all know that breast milk is best. No formula or artificial substance can match the benefits of breast milk. I want you to know the spiritual aspects of breastfeeding. For those of you who haven’t yet had a child, you just have to trust me on this one. Sometimes in the beginning it can be tough, your breasts are getting used to the change, and your baby also has to learn to nurse. If you can make it through the beginning, then you have given not only your baby a gift, but you have given yourself an awesome gift also. And, some women have a really easy time, unfortunately I had a rough time in the beginning, and I can see out many women want to give up.

The gift I am talking about is the butterflies you get in your tummy as your child is nursing. I am talking about those quiet moments when you look over at your child, maybe when your partner is holding her, or watching her sleep. These are the moments when you feel most proud, you were responsible for growing this little angel in your womb, and now you are responsible for providing that sweet nectar that has made that little one grow and develop. Yes, it is a proud feeling, and one feeling that you totally deserve. That proud moment also happens when you change her diaper and see those edible little fat rolls on her thighs. YOU are the reason for those kissable little rolls.

As new mom’s, we are all very sleep deprived for sure. Getting up every few hours to nurse isn’t always at the top of your list when you’ve already been up for the past 17 hrs and barely brushed your teeth. And then, you lay down with your child and nurse, it’s very early in the morning, and the moon is shining down on you from the window and the house is silent.As you nurse you begin rubbing her head…. contemplating life….wondering how in the world you can ever let this one go off to college. You love your partner more than life I am sure, but, you will always have this. Even when those first words out of her mouth aren’t ma ma….you have this memory that no one could ever take away from you

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