Gardening Vivian | 02 Mar 2010 11:10 pm

Why Grow Your Own Vegetables?

For most of us, a trip to the grocery store includes at least one pass through the produce isle. If you are anything like me, that excursion through row after row of tomatoes, cabbage, carrots and the like includes a growing anger at how high the prices are, and how lousy the veggies look! You know, you do not have to put up with it. You could very easily grow your own veggies! Why grow your own vegetables? There are some pretty good reasons to start a small garden besides the ones we have briefly mentioned. Take a look at the top 5 reasons to start your own victory garden.

Taste And Freshness

Nothing can compare with the fresh taste of home grown fruits, herbs and vegetables. Tomatoes that go straight from the vine to the table are one of the most delicious garden treats. The tomatoes we see on grocery shelves are picked long before they are fully ripened, and then exposed to ethylene gas to artificially ripen, and then maintain their red color. No wonder they can be so tasteless! When you grow your own garden you can have your choice of fresh vegetables every day. Lettuce, radishes, onions, squash, and tomatoes are just a few of the easy to grow veggies you can raise, even if you have limited space. You can even grow fresh herbs right in your kitchen!

Controlled Pesticides

Besides the ethylene gas used on most store bought veggies, many are exposed to dangerous chemicals and pesticides, too. Organic vegetable gardens will eliminate the use of chemicals, and use natural methods to control weeds and pests. When you grow your own garden, it will be easy to make it an organic garden.


Growing an organic vegetable garden will ensure healthier vegetables for your family. Keeping your produce chemical free should be one of the most important reasons to grow your own veggies. A diet filled with lots of fresh vegetables is healthy, and kids are much more likely to want to eat something that they helped grow. You will also eliminate the risk of buying tainted foods at the store. Remember, we have had salmonella scares for the past several years. Working in the garden is also good exercise, which is another important part of healthy living.

Save Money

The money you save on vegetables has to be considered when you grow your own garden. If you went to the store to buy just veggies for a salad, or to dress up a Sunday dinner, think about what else you might buy, just impulsively! A trip to your own garden in the back yard, or on the patio will eliminate that impulse buying. Also, the price you would pay for just a package of carrots and a couple of tomatoes would buy enough seeds, or starter plants to feed your family all summer long! You will also save on gasoline costs, and heaven knows that has started up again!

Family Project

Planning and growing your own garden is a great family project. Let each member of the family select, and be responsible for their own favorite vegetable. Even the smaller children will enjoy planting, watering and picking ‘their’ own veggies. Best of all, they will actually eat them without all the fuss!

Why grow your own vegetables? It would seem that there are a myriad of reasons! The planting season is just around the corner, and the planning season is now! I can hardly wait for the picking and eating season!

Want your garden to give you the best tasting, healthiest crop of vegetables you have ever had? Give organic vegetable gardening a try! It is easy to start and maintain an organic garden, and you will never have to worry about dangerous chemicals or pesticides tainting your foods.

For a healthy, and plentiful crop of vegetables, check out this neat organic gardening guide now! Hurry! Planting time is just around the corner!

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