Gardening Vivian | 05 Dec 2010 12:52 am

Why is the Knock Out Rose So Popular? Answer – Low Maintenance

The Knock Out Rose continues to be a crowd-pleaser. This hardy and low maintenance rose family is the most popular selling rose in North America. Created by rose breeder, William Radler, the Knock Out Rose is an excellent choice for gardeners and landscapers. The development of new members of the Knock Out Rose family is constant, so we can look forward to new roses from time to time.

Mr. Radler created this rose because he wanted rose enthusiasts to have a rose that would require minimal care and maintenance. The Knock Out Rose doesn’t require dead-heading (removal of deal flowers) because it is a self-cleaning rose. This rose will resist many disease and pests, which makes your life easier by reducing costs and treatment. This rose doesn’t require fertilizing either. How much easier can growing roses get?

There are many colors to choose from so you can find the rose that best meets your preference. The Double Knock Out Rose was recently introduced and it has all the qualities of the original but with more petals, and it’s even more disease resistant. It’s a gorgeous red bloomer that will provide you blankets of color in your garden. Some Knock Out Roses have a single row of petals giving them a classic wild rose look.

If you are a beginning grower, this family of roses is a great place to begin your experience. They can be used in borders, along the driveway or as a centerpiece in your garden. After they have finished their blooming season, you can prune the bush, sit back and wait for next spectacular blooming season.

The Knock Out Rose doesn’t require any extraordinary or special care, simply plant it, give it the basics (some tender loving care) and watch it grow. Note: it does require at 5 to 6 hours of sunlight each day just like other roses. It may sound too good to be true, but give it a try – with a rose that’s this easy to grow and maintain – I bet you’ll start with one plant and move on to a collection of them before long. Visualize your flourishing rose garden filled Knock Out Roses – you won’t be disappointed with this family of roses.

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