Holidays Vivian | 27 Mar 2011 12:52 am

Why it Must Be a Superman Halloween Costume

Parents who want an excellent opportunity to stress to their children the values in seeking to perform good deeds and help others will find that the Superman Halloween costume will fulfill that endeavor.

Not only is Superman employed in an excellent job opportunity as a reporter, he possesses power, strength, and speed in his life as he stands for justice, uses his talents for worthwhile endeavors, and is always willing to help others as they encounter various situations in their lives.

His ability to leap over tall buildings in a single bound, to travel faster than a speeding bullet, to use his strength that is more powerful than a locomotive, and to use his x-ray vision are some examples of how a person can use his or her personal talents, strengths and abilities to inspire and help those in need around the world when they are in situations that require help and inspiration from other people.

Thus, the Superman costume can be considered a desirable way for children to dress for the Halloween Festivities. Parents can feel a satisfaction in guiding their young ones to seek desirable traits that are similar to his actions and attitudes.

There is also a popularity factor involved with Superman that must be considered. The above are not only reasons why it would be a good idea to have your child wear a Superman costume for Halloween but also why the Superman character is so popular. It is very easy to show and prove just how popular this character is. There is a key word/phrase tool that Google makes available for free. It allows you to view how many searches there have been in the previous month for a certain key word or key word phrase. It also give you access to the Global Monthly Average for that key word or phrase for the whole year. Below are some interesting results for a couple key words/phrases related to Superman that prove popularity.

Key Word: Superman
Local Search Volume (August): 5 Million Searches
Global Monthly Search Volume: Over 6 Million Searches

Key Word: Superman Costume
Local Search Volume (August): Over 60 Thousand Searches
Global Monthly Search Volume: Over 49 Thousand Searches

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